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Quantum Thinking Event 2021

On July 27, 2021, Future Hacker team organized our very first event to celebrate the 01-year show, reaching more than 75 countries. To make such rich content available to everyone, we uploaded the whole event into our YouTube channel - check it out, and spread the word!

Quantum Anarchy, with Itai Talmi

The way humanity operates is changing. The current forces, hierarchies, systems, and governments in place are being slowly replaced by the collective power of decision-making. Individuals are having more access to technologies, knowledge, and to a global network that will allow each one of us to make an impact in our world. It's urgent that we start imagining and experimenting new futures, like never before. The question is: which future scenarios are we moving towards? Welcome to quantum anarchy. 

Disruptive Existence: The Future Me, with Roger Spitz

Imagining our future selves in a world in which technologies will go beyond our imagination. What could we do today to draw desirable futures considering a whole new universe of innovations, technologies, challenges, politics, and regulations, that the future will bring us? A discussion around privacy, paradigm shifts, social expectations, environment, and existential risks and opportunities.

Which are the driving forces that define the world today and are shaping our future? A discussion about the underlying forces that drive change in our lives, how to identify the great opportunities out there, and how to mitigate some extremely dangerous risks we might face in the coming decades.

If you are interesting in knowing more about our amazing speakers and guests, check out their interviews on your favorite podcast - they were all part of Future Hacker and we had some great conversations with them:

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