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    We are looking for young bright people, between the age of 12 and 18 years old, who are involved or want to work with science, technology, disruption, innovation, design thinking and pursuing inclusive projects around the world.   Our goal is to do a series of interviews with this young...
    July 13, 2021
    If you listened to JP Melo's interview, he mentions a report called The Digital Vortex. As promised, you can download the report here: https://www.imd.org/research-knowledge/reports/digitalvortex2019/  In case you missed his interview, don't panic! You can always hear on your favorite podcast...
    June 5, 2021 · Innovation,Material Science,Sustainability,Awards,Carbon FIber
    Another amazing accomplishment of one of our guests, that we are proud to announce: Carbon Mobile has won the prestigious JEC Group Innovation Award 2021 for design. The world's thinnest and lightest smartphone made of carbon fiber was able to prevail against strong rival innovations from...
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