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    Future Hacker is an innovation think tank that brings together a global network of advisors with diverse backgrounds and expertise in over 100 different fields. Our guests are dedicated to building and creating a positive impact for our future by conducting research, developing new technologies, and collaborating with other organizations to address important issues facing society. Together, we work towards a better tomorrow for all.

  • A conversation with Aric Dromi. This professional troublemaker makes some great provocations around the relationship between humans and technology, our education system, the gap between policy making, technology, and our expectations for the future. Listen to this interview to get a very different perspective about clean energy and other misconceptions we commonly have. What about data privacy - will we ever be the owners of our own data? How to prepare our leaders for the future?

    Uma conversa com Gui Rangel, futurista, pesquisador, agente provocador e SciFi Experience Designer. Nomeado Top 50 Thought Leaders e Influencers da área de B2B em LATAM, Gui faz parte do Board of Future Hacker, programa de Advisors globais para empresas preocupadas em se preparar para o futuro.

    Apaixonado por tecnologia, inovação, criatividade e desenvolvimento humano, viveu experiências profissionais no Brasil e no exterior. Hoje desenvolve projetos de visualização de tendências do futuro para ajudar pessoas e organizações a se prepararem para um mundo em constante mudança. Limites da Computação quântica, Ficção, IA, e Metaverso são alguns dos temas abordados. 

    En ese episodio hablamos con Cecilia Tham sobre la necesidad de las organizaciones de imaginar el futuro. Un ejercicio, mas que nada, que necesita de metodologia y apoyo de ciencia y tecnologia. Habla tambien del desafio de ampliar la aproximación unicamente "human centric" (centrada en los humanos) para una vision mas abrangente de todo el entorno para que la humanidad pueda seguir evolucionando.

    Con décadas de experiencia trabajando en la intersección del espíritu empresarial, la tecnología, la ciencia y el diseño, Cecilia es actualmente la fundadora y directora de Futurity Systems, que brinda futuros como servicio para ayudar a las empresas y organizaciones a construir juntos mejores futuros más rápido.

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    March 7, 2022 · War,Ukraine,War on Truth,Fake News,Special Edition
    This is a different episode from what you’re used to. It’s 2022 – with all the technologies, innovations, knowledge we’ve been sharing with you, seeing the decision of physically invading another country to fight for power, by killing people, by killing children – it’s at the very least,...
    Meet Ghaith Al Bastanli, CEO & Founder of Solaris Solutions LLC, a startup with a mission of becoming the leading provider of innovative solar solutions and power systems to facilitate the reach of electricity to everyone, anytime, anywhere.  Want to learn about the main challenges, opportunities...
    Our Young Hacker, Ruvarashe Moyo, a 16-year old brilliant, and ambitious young scientist from Zimbabwe, got a gold medal at the Zimbabwe Science Fair and was selected to be a finalist at the 2022 Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) - the world’s largest international pre...
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